Untapping Potential with Jenni Emery

Conscious Leaders   |   45 minutes

Conscious Leader, Jenni Emery, is more conscious than most and has a true passion for untapping people’s potential.

She started her career as a corporate lawyer and was fortunate enough to work directly with senior executives, where she learned an important lesson about story telling to take people on the journey.  She also discovered her interest in developing people.

She now wears many hats, including Senior People Leader, Coach and Author.  She wrote the book that wasn’t there for her when she was working on the merger of 3 well known law firms; Leading for Organisational Change – Building Purpose, Motivation and Belonging.

She is well versed in how to create culture, manage change, leadership, strategy development and much more.

This episode covers the true essense of great leadership, how to create diverse & inclusive cultures, managing change, strategy development and much more.

She is also incredibly open about her own wellbeing and the reason her practices have developped.

If you want to connect with Jenni you can find her on Linked In HERE or on her website JENEMERY.COM