Conscious Leaders

We help you reframe your mindset, align your values to your purpose and build sustainable wellbeing practices that last.

Being an impactful leader that navigates the complex and uncertain times takes work.

It requires new strategic thinking that is rooted in compassion for yourself, your teams, the broader community in which you serve, and, the planet.

This begins with self awareness and a personalised programme.

When you have a strong foundation of wellbeing, you can lead more consciously.

Gret’s hands on approach helps you embed the learnings and practices required to lead and inspire by educating and training you on the 8 Habits of a Conscious Leader.

It is for c-suite execs and senior leaders who are ready to embrace their own Wellbeing, open to implementing practices and ready to lead from a place of authenticity, vulnerability and compassion.

8 Habits equips you with skills in perception, awareness, and stress management so you can better address business uncertainty, the changing needs and requirements of employees, and work pressures as well as the rigours of building a trusted team that delivers.

  • You will gain knowledge on the importance of of Wellbeing and how it improves productivity and performance.
  • You will learn tips and techniques, underpinned by Theories and Concepts.
  • You will develop your own practice and build wellbeing into your daily routine and into your flow of work.
  • You will shape the broader wellbeing of your company culture.

When the desire is there, the commitment can follow, but it’s always necessary to DO THE WORK.

Conscious Working Offers:

  • Consultation
  • Training: 8 Habits of a Conscious Leader
  • Practice: Sessions across Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Sustainable Living
81% of C-Suite said improving their wellbeing is more important than advancing their career right now with 69% considering leaving their role for an organisation that offers better wellbeing.