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We are so pleased to welcome you into Tribe.

This is your space to enjoy and digest rich and diverse content to help you move from burnout to brilliance and beyond.  But more that, we want to empower you to Learn, Practice and Grow as a person, an employee, a leader, and above all a human being.


The Way of the Wellbeing Warrior

The Way is our 5 stage roadmap for your success.

Start your journey with Begin Again to discover more about it and help you identify exactly where you’re at so you can start making progress right now!

Every stage incorporate our 3 pillars, Mind, Body & Planet, the foundations to your total wellbeing, so that you feel your best and have the biggest impact on this planet.  Plus, there’s some extra goodies to ensure you approach your wellbeing holistically.

Begin Again

Every moment you have a chance to begin again and you've made the best choice to begin again with the support of Tribe.

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You're awake and alert.  This stage is about tapping into your awareness to become clear on your why and lay the foundations for change.

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From awareness to education.  This stage provides you with the knowledge you need to make sustainable change.

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You have the knowledge, now let's practice. This stage is all about training your mind, body and spirit.

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Grow & Amplify

Coming Soon!! We've got ideas, but the final direction comes down to your needs as a member.

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Conscious Leaders

Success tales of leaders who do things differently and for their wellbeing.

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Conscious Experts

Find out the experts in several fields and help you nourishes your soul.

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Live Schedules

All members have access to weekly power yoga classes, monthly Yin Yoga classes and any other Tribe Gatherings so that we can learn, practice and grow together.


Check here for the confirmed monthly Yin Yoga sessions and other Tribe gatherings so you can diarise them now.

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Check here for the weekly Power Yoga class dates, times and zoom links so you can diarise them now.

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