The Roots of Your Health with Maria King

Conscious Leaders   |   45 minutes

Junius is more than a beautifully packaged range of healthy juices and supplements.  It’s a vehicle to educate the masses on the amazing health benefits of nutrition.   There is more to health than detox and Junius offers a range across 7pillars of health so you can choose what you need in this moment. 

As with many of our Conscious Leaders, Maria King, co-founder of Junius and certified Functional Medicine practitioner, believes it starts with awareness.  From there you can choose which of the products is most relevant and also learn the ingredients to support your needs.  

In this episode, she shares her journey from the busy financial world to realise the healing power of nutrition.  

From there, she was hooked and continued to expand her knowledge of the body and how food can be preventative.  

Together with her sister and brother, Junius was founded.  They make award winning cold-pressed juices and supplements with a whole body approach to wellbeing, so you can make sure you hit your health goals, beyond detox and energy, with each delicious sip.


To learn more about the roots to your health and Junius products, check out there website: