Being Human with Andy Holmes

Conscious Leaders   |   1 hour +

This man almost needs no introduction!

Andy Holmes is a pioneer in the wellbeing space and one of the early thinkers of how wellbeing can impact performance….

He was a professional hockey player, has a degree in physiology and decades of experience heading up capability and leadership in big corporates.  After 12 years at Reckitt he is now in a new role role as Client Partner – Wellbeing & High Performance at Korn Ferry.

There is really no one more capable of talking about the importance of wellbeing at work and in life than Andy….

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Andy’s new role, what his mission is specifically at Korn Ferry and how he’s going about building a Human P&L
  • The need for simplicity when it comes to an offer
  • The importance in creating FEELINGS over the drive for productivity and performance
  • Andy’s views of best in class leadership
  • His non-negotiables (I share mine too!)
  • Lego – check out Andy’s completed Lego below!
  • Advice for corporates starting their wellbeing journey
  • Tips for for individuals who aren’t feeling their best

Andy has loads of knowledge, backed by data on this subject, proving that a human centric workforce and human P&L is worthwhile for businesses to achieve their goals.

Andy is active on Linked-In with relevant content for all.  

Connect with him HERE