Conscious Leaders   |   45 minutes


How we learn to feel good enough, from psychotherapist and award-winning writer Julia Bueno.

Like many of our guests, this month’s Conscious Leader, Julia, didn’t set out to be an integrative psychotherapist and author.


In this episode, she shares her journey, which starts with an early professional career as a solicitor.  

She has extensive experience of working with adults in a variety of settings as well as in private practice – including Higher Education, the Charity sector and NHS Psychotherapy Services.  She is integratively trained, uses CBT and mindfulness ideas along with work at greater psychological depth, with very encouraging results – either short-term or long-term.

Her recent book, Everyone’s a Critic, examines the many different guises of an inner critic… and by the way, all of us have an inner critic whether we know it or not.  

As ever, this podcast could have gone on for much longer so a follow up may be in order sooner rather than later!!  

If you’re interested in more from Julia or about Julia, head over to her website:


Happy listening!