Sustainable Choices

Conscious Leaders   |   1 hour +

Tiffanie Darke is a long time friend and seeker, someone who is constantly inquiring, discovering and evolving.  As you’ll hear as she shares her career journey, she is not one to shy away from new opportunities.

Tiffanie is a long time journalist who worked for a number of UK publications including the Observer, The Telegraph, The Express and The Sunday Times.  One of her recognised titles ‘Too Posh to Push’ is a common phrase still used today.

She moved into the fashion world as the Editor of the Sunday Times fashion magazine and later went on to be Editor in Chief of Harrods.

More recently, she studied sustainability at Cambridge and is an expert when it comes to sustainable fashion.

She opened a concept store in Ibiza bringing luxury and sustainability together under one roof.  Agora is all about storytelling with four main chapters:

  • Reduce
  • Recycle
  • Restore
  • Resell

In this episode, she shares her extensive background in journalism, foray into fashion and now sustainability.

We talk about her leadership learnings and also how she stays well.

Check out Tiff’s platform It’s Not Sustainable :

And her shop, Agora, can be found on Instagram: