Creating A Brand New Story with Rachel Savage

Conscious Leaders   |   45 minutes
Once upon a time there was a company struggling to stand out from the crowd…
OK, so I lifted that from this Conscious Leader’s website because it is the perfect intro to this episode.
Rachel Savage is the Founder of Brand New Story, a brand agency that helps its clients to develop a powerful brand story that both excites its customers and engages the internal team.
Rachel has been writing stories since the mid 1990s when she was Deputy Editor for The Big Issue South West. She also worked as an in-house writer for Orange (UK and Global), the Environment Agency and Ecotricity.
In 2017, when she left her cosy 9-5 to go freelance, two things started to happen.
She struggled to find a suitable tone of voice for her clients, one that embraced all their passion and expertise into the written word – and the desire to create a purpose-led business planted itself firmly in her heart and wouldn’t budge.
After some hardcore soul-searching she discovered brand storytelling – and then she noticed how little thought (or depth) was being put into ‘brand story creation’.
Brand New Story is the result of Rachel directing seven years of her thinking into the creation of brand stories.
She helps leaders and in-house teams to create a powerful new story for their organisation – one that represents its heart and soul – and supports them on their journey as they share it internally and tell it externally.
In this episode, Rachel shares her journey from journalist to spirited leader and founder of Brand New Story.
She talks about:
  • The importance of story telling for businesses and leaders
  • The process she takes her clients on to develop the brand story
  • The difference between traditional branding and marketing to what Brand New Story offers
  • What leadership is and more importantly, spirited leadership
  • The importance of honoring the sacred in business
  • Her wellbeing practices
  • And her simple definition of wellbeing
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