About us

Conscious Working was born in an era of change, when the Pandemic struck and the world of work changed forever.

Both its founders have decades of experience in corporate life – Gret as Vice President for a fashion conglomerate and Tom as former BBC, then Partner at an international communications firm. 

As former leaders, they understand the pressures that come with running departments and budgets as well as managing and developing teams to their best potential.

Working conditions have been turned on their head and a hybrid world is placing new demands on employees and employers alike. 

Yet challenges can be opportunities as new techniques and fresh engagement can empower people to feel think and perform better despite disruptions.

Wellbeing is no longer a bolt on – not just a duty of care but a culture of care – and a strategy that feed the evolution and performance of any business once the right measures are implemented.

Yes, it takes time, commitment and investment – but the results are transformative.

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Gret Batchelar


Gret has had a successful career as a senior fashion industry executive, spanning the past 20 years. During that time, she developed daily rituals to alleviate stress and maintain balance incorporating the practices of yoga and meditation with a sustainable lifestyle – thinking both of her personal wellbeing and that of the planet. Over time, these practices and rituals became the foundation for her philosophy and methodology for Conscious Working.

Following 6 years at Michael Kors EMEA, where Gret was Vice President and sat on the Executive Team, she took a role with an American sustainable lifestyle brand to lead the European launch. Gret recognised that the workplace can be a force for positive change and began to set out mindful programmes for businesses.

She continues to expand her knowledge and is a certified Low Tox Coach, 200 RYT Yoga Instructor, Meditation Facilitator and Mindfulness Teacher.

Gret’s experience as a corporate executive has given her a unique set of insights in how to skillfully manage the challenges of high stress environments and the rigors of modern life. She provides intuitive advice and simple recommendations that engage leaders and employees, improve productivity and the company’s performance.

Her mission is to establish wellbeing as fundamental to doing good business.

Advisory Board

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Mona Salih

Dr. Mona Salih is a qualified medical doctor and life coach, with a focus on mental health, self-care and relationships. She believes in treating patients holistically and has always been interested in the mind-body connection and the role of the psyche in the manifestation, progression and resolution of diseases.

Among Mona’s clients are executives, members of corporate talent programs, functional leaders, and other high performers. She helps them break through barriers, overcome limiting beliefs and unlock their full potential.

Born in Sudan and raised in England from the age of two, Mona graduated from Imperial College, London. With extensive experience in working in hospitals and surgeries in London and Switzerland, Mona knows what it means to perform in high pressure environments. As
a mother of two, she is also well aware of the challenges of combining career and family.

Mona is fluent in English, Arabic and German.


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Dani Lachowicz

With over 15 years working of experience bringing the charitable and for-profit sectors together successfully, Dani knows that doing good is good for business. Externally, 82% of consumers are influenced by whether a company is philanthropic and Millennials are 70% more likely to spend on brands that support charity. Internally, participating in charitable giving as a company increases employee morale, improves employee loyalty and retention, and creates a healthier, happier work environment.

Dani is the Founder and Director of INSIGHT Philanthropy and Brand Consulting. In her role, she specializes in working with small businesses, start ups, charities, and private donors and foundations to see how operations and philanthropic giving could be done more effectively.

Prior to starting INSIGHT, Dani worked with refugees and IDPs in South Sudan, Kenya and Senegal and researched health issues in South Africa and Ghana. Dani has a BA in French and Spanish from Dartmouth College and a Master in International Affairs – Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid from New York University.