Spirited Futures with Karen Stenning and Ewan Parton

Conscious Leaders   |   1 hour +

This is not our typical episode of Conscious Leaders, but one that is very relevant when we consider leadership and business of the future. 

This episode features Karen Stenning and Ewan Parton of Spirited Futures, which is a leadership academy for changemakers and trailblazers. 

Karen is the founder of Absolute Alchemy, an events business that hosts and produces events that create change for both the planet and people.  She believes that bringing people together to learn, make connections and have dialogue leads to long lasting change on a large scale.  

She has worked in the entrepreneurial sector since 2017, supporting underrepresented founders build and develop their impact businesses.  She also spotted a need for more female investors in the marketplace and in 2018 started InvestHER (now HERmesa), that built a female-led angel investing network.  Now she is the Vestpod Brighton & Hove pod leader. 

Today, Karen is focussing more of her attention to  Spirited Futures leadership academy for young changemakers.  She is developing a number of retreats in Nature that will engage a tribe of young entrepreneurs and disruptors, who are putting the planet and people at the forefront.  

Ewan is the founder of the S.A.D Initiative which provides interactive workshops and talks to students within the educational system, providing the relative and current information to help learners gain the knowledge and skills that are vital for them to make significant improvements to their own well-being. 

He has worked in the entrepreneurial sector since 2020, working in over 50 schools and colleges over England and Wales. Ewan strives to gain a deeper insight of the human experience so that he can empower and change the lives of people no matter the circumstances or background.

Ewan is currently working with Karen and the Spirited Futures team as a board member, in which they are working to put the planet and its people in a better position than we found it.

This is such a real dialogue between people that care and have a shared vision. 

We discuss: 

  • Spirited Futures programme and vision for the future

  • How you can get involved from funding opportunities, to mentors or being a part of the next cohort

  • The power of the natural world and what it has to teach us

  • Wellbeing practices that help you thrive

  • Your best teacher is yourself

Also, Ewan shares his experience as one of the first cohorts of Spirited Futures and how he’s evolved since then, including his experience living with monks for one month.   Profound to say the least.


Tune in to hear this insightful and inspiring conversation with leaders of today and tomorrow!!!

For more on Karen, Ewan and Spirited Futures check out: 

Spirited Futures website – https://www.spiritedfutures.org/

Instagram – @spirited.futures

Connect with Karen on Linked In HERE