Time to Detox with Paul Holbrook

Conscious Leaders   |   1 hour +
Paul Holbrook is the CEO and Founder of Diary Detox.  An unexpected entrepreneur, Paul started his career in the City of London.  Rising through the ranks he kept hearing the same problem that there wasn’t enough time and seeing his team working on things that weren’t necessarily their responsibility.  Diary Detox was conceived to answer the age old problem of lack of time – but it’s real value is linked to leading and managing.
In this episode:
  • Paul shares his story from the City of London to Diary Detox
  • He explains the methodology behind Diary Detox.
  • He walks through the colour coding and what each colour represents.
  • He talks about the value of self-awareness.
  • He explains the essence of leading – in contrast to good leadership.
  • He gives some super simple tips to start Diary Detoxing now. 
For more on this watch his YouTube clip HERE
  • He defines what wellbeing means to him and shares how he stays well.
To find out more about Diary Detox and book a discovery call visit the website: