Mid-Life Transformation with Eleanor Mills

Conscious Leaders   |   45 minutes

Conscious Leader, Eleanor Mills, Founder and Editor in Chief of Noon, is one of transformation and new opportunities in mid-life.

Eleanor’s background as a leading journalist with two decades at The Sunday Times as columnist, interviewer, Editorial Director, and Award-winning Editor Sunday Times Magazine provides a wealth of anecdotes and colour.  She shines a light on countless positives, but also the dark side of senior editor roles that can be all consuming.

Exiting that same building after 23 years, meant new opportunities beckoned and so Noon was born.  She saw too many women floundering in midlife as they were hit by multiple stresses, so the need for a community to help them and inspire them to embrace their next act seemed obvious if daunting.

At Noon, change is noted as difficult; but it is also energising and exciting.  Midlife is an age of opportunity – a time for transformation and reinvention, a time to celebrate.

Tough questions are tackled.  Men and media life, the nature of leadership, editorial pressures, getting world beating scoops, but also leading by example and vision.  It was a roller coaster ride, but when it ended, Eleanor was left wanting.

Noon, by contrast, has offered new purpose and freedom to explore more of the things she values, such as tackling engendered ageism, noting that 50 is a time for women to come into their prime, reaping rewards.  It’s time they are noticed, and so too, their influence, experience – even buying power, which so often is overlooked.

Recent Noon research clearly shows the perspective and agenda of this key demographic highlights that society still has much to notice and address on this unexplored, negative bias.