In person or virtual, dynamic power flows or passive yin yoga, Gret has you covered.

Gret is a qualified Yoga instructor with 325 Hours training in Power, Yin and Kula.

An American living in the UK since 2006 and recently in Portugal, she has practiced yoga for over 20 years, experimenting with different styles along the way. In the past few years, she has come to fully realise Yoga’s true purpose and power beyond the physical benefits.

Once a competitive swimmer with a sporty background, she has always enjoyed the athletic, dynamic of Yoga. When a stressful career in fashion with constant work travel and parenting started to burn her out, she turned to yoga and meditation, as a way to restore balance and keep her mentally on track.

She completed her initial 200 Hours training from Lumi Power Yoga in London, a Baron Baptiste certified studio.  During this training, she finally understood what it meant to be in touch with her body (physically and mentally).

Gret challenged herself to slow it down with Yin Yoga and found herself overtime really benefitting from this more passive style of practice as a compliment to her power practice.  She subsequently completed 100 Hours of Yin Yoga with Sarah Lo through TriYoga in London.

She then went on to do another 25 hours of Kula Flow with Schuyler Grant at Commune.

Gret loves teaching Power Vinyasa with a focus on strong flows, but incorporates some elements of Yin to allow her students bodies to fully restore by the end of class.

As a teacher, she is still on a journey, discovering new ways to learn, evolve and enjoy the yogic experience, together with her
students.  She is a firm believer that the physical and mental realms intersect in practice and looks to explore how flows can give way to greater harmony. Her class aim is to challenge the body and unlock new spaces to explore the connection between mind and body. Her hope is that students capture this sense of balance and quietly weave it into everyday life, to destress
and find peace in a busy world.

Gret teaches

  • Power Vinyasa x 75 Minutes - every Wednesday @ 9am ONLINE and IN PERSON
  • Power Vinyasa x 75 Minutes - every Friday @9:00am WET ONLINE and IN PERSON
  • Power Vinyasa x 60 Minutes - every Saturday @ 9:30am ONLINE and IN PERSON
  • Yin Yoga & Mindfulness - every Monday @ 11:00 pm ONLINE and IN PERSON
The pose begins when you want to leave it.
B.K.S Iyengar