Showing Up As Your Whole Self Can Be Tough When You're Time Poor and Exhausted

Does any of this sound familiar?

Do you crave more wellbeing routine in your life?
Are you constantly busy with a long to do list?
Do you struggle to find ME time?
Are you challenged by the minefield of information on health and wellness?
Do you desire more connection and support from peers?

Surely, there has to be a better way! Imagine if you could…

Access all your wellbeing needs in a single destination.
Learn from the best experts in their fields.
Schedule sessions that suit you and your day.
Discover sustainable ways to live better.
Connect, share and be accountable through community!

We have the solution…

Tribe has arrived

This virtual membership is your single stop destination for holistic wellbeing.

Enjoy access to an evolving library, expert led conversations, livestream sessions, workshops and a supportive community.

Explore rich and diverse content on demand across Mind, Body and Planet.

Learn, Practice and Grow together with a group of like-minded, career focused individuals.

Tribe will help you to...

Learn By Listening

Education is fundamental to embed long term routines. You will find expert knowledge based conversations and courses to plant the seeds of change across all areas of wellbeing.

Grow By Practicing

Practical sessions you can access at any time that include Power and Yin Yoga, meditations and mindfulness. Plus put all that practice into action when you come together with the broader community in the livestream sessions.

Decrease Your Footprint

The wellbeing of the planet is just as important as your own wellbeing. Find inspiration, tips and advice to live more sustainably starting today.

Practice In Your Own Time

We know you're busy and your time is precious. That's why all our content ranges from bitesize micro-learnings and practices to longer format sessions. Learn, practice and grow from the comfort of your home or at work.

Connect To A Community

Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of a community of business professionals. Expand your network. Understand the value of wellbeing and how it can create positive change.

Discover Holistic Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a state of being and Tribe gives you the tools you need to feel good, live fully and be in balance with your community and the planet.


I was a senior fashion executive when I suffered near burnout. I was travelling every week and didn’t have any boundaries. I turned to my yoga practice, started to meditate, looked at my diet and prioritized sleep… And soon, I started to feel better, have more clarity of purpose and ultimately make better decisions.

I also started to become increasingly aware of my footprint and realized that my wellbeing is directly linked to the wellbeing of the planet. Over the last few years I’ve educated myself on the power of wellbeing and how to really sustain myself.

Now, I’m on a mission to empower you and thousands like you to prioritize your wellbeing so that you can show up as your whole self at work and in life.

Find yourself and your true potential so that you can lead and inspire those around you.

I can’t wait to help you untap your wellbeing and see the impact on the broader community.


On Demand Video Classes

Explore rich and diverse content across our 3 central pillars, Mind, Body and Planet. All sessions note the duration so you can choose accordingly.


From weekly yoga sessions to our monthly gatherings and members mixer, there are a range of ways to tap into the collective energy of this Tribe.

Expert Led Conversations

Hear from some of the leading voices in the world of wellbeing. Topics include Why Meditate, Functional Medicine and Immunity, The Power of Sleep, Biophilic and Active Design.

Conscious Leaders

Every month we interview prominent business executives that use wellbeing as a way to inspire and lead differently.

A Supportive Community

Learn, Practice and Grow together with the broader group. The more you give the more you receive.

A Capture-All Library

Immediate access to over 50 pieces of exclusive content with new material added weekly.

Here's Some Love From Our Tribesters...

Holistic wellbeing at its best

"Gret is a true inspiration - her drive, consciousness, kindness and empathy are true gifts to anyone who connects with her. So, when she launched Tribe, I didn't think twice. I've been in a journey of prioritizing wellbeing and sustainability in my life for some years now and have gone though all the challenges of the beginner. There is so much information out there that you can get lost quickly. It's really amazing to find in one place all you need to live your more conscious life and being supported by a community of like-minded people. The monthly gatherings are a must that I do really enjoy as it's the perfect opportunity to connect with Gret and the community and receive this wave of inspiration and motivation. Change starts within ourselves and Tribe has become my best partner to support me through the journey."
Evelyne Pereira
Founding Member, Tribe

From novice to true Yogi at heart

I have been studying and practicing yoga with Gret for over 12 months now. She has taken me on an incredible journey from yoga novice to becoming a founding member of her Conscious Working Tribe. Her patience, skill and general working demeanor set her aside from others. She is totally dedicated to each student and manages to enthuse you with every class. She pushes her students in a gentle, yet powerful way and instills a real passion for each and every class. She is a visionary and I believe for Gret and her Tribe members, there are no limits. Anything is possible.
Frankie Lytton-Cobbold
Founding Member, Tribe

Motivated to make sustainable upgrades

Working with Gret was a total dream. I immediately felt at ease as we shared the juggles of being working mothers and home managers. She quickly set to work dividing up the areas of home life into sections that we could discuss and explore alternatives. Gret was a fountain of knowledge and gave me a fabulous list of easily accessible alternatives to match my daily needs. I was left feeling inspired, motivated and excited for my ever more conscious lifestyle and that my small contribution to a more sustainable way of life is attainable! Most importantly, I look forward to educating my children through my day to day choices and actions, how we can all make a difference to our planet together.
Natasha Vassipoulous
Founding Member, Tribe

Stronger, more confident and happier despite such a busy time!

Gret is by far the best yoga instructor I have ever come across and joining Tribe meant I would have access to her classes anytime I needed them - really useful for me as I have to squeeze in exercise around my life and have never been able to stick to a static schedule of classes. Her approach is totally approachable, inspiring and non-judgmental. Unlike a lot of teachers, she really encourages and unlocks your ownership over the power in your own body, which for me is vital as its as much about mental strength and confidence as it is about physical strength and agility. I am currently working on a really big house renovation project and moving our young family to a different part of the country, complicated in and of itself, but knowing I can access a quick class or one of her inspiring interviews or meditations amongst the madness is literally keeping me sane! I feel stronger and more confident in myself and so much happier too.
Louisa Chapman-Andrews
Founder Cook Folk

Michaela Wray

Evelyne Pereira

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With every investment there comes a risk.  Our minds are hardwired to find negatives so no doubt you may have some questions running through your mind right now about Tribe membership.  What if this isn’t right for me?  What if it’s not what I expected?

So here are the BEST and WORST case scenarios.

BEST CASE – You learn new practices that suit your wellbeing and schedule, you find a community that supports you, you develop greater knowledge and interest in wellbeing, you feel more connected to yourself and those around you, your happiness improves.

WORST CASE – Maybe it doesn’t work for you, maybe it wasn’t what you were looking for, or maybe you just weren’t ready.

If the worst case scenario ends up being the case, you can cancel your membership at any point in the first 30 days of your subscription and we’ll send you a full refund. No questions asked!

Common Questions

This is for you if you are a busy with all of life’s challenges and pressures, but with a desire and interest in feeling well. Whether you are overwhelmed with everything on your plate, feel out of balance because of work – life responsibilities or struggling to integrate wellbeing into your daily routine. Our members are open to discovering new ways to take care of themselves so that they can manage whatever life throws at them. Tribe members are ready to do the work. Our Tribe includes founders, entrepeneurs, C-Suite executives, managers and any other busy individuals.

You can cancel your membership by yourself in a few clicks.  Your membership will stay active through the end of your billing period, whether that is monthly or annually. At that point, your access will be closed.

You get full access to our growing content library immediately. Every week we release new content, which we’ll update you about through our weekly email, Tribe Talk.

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