Ancient Wisdom with Jillian Lavender

Conscious Leaders   |   1 hour +

Jillian Lavender was a young executive suffering from stress and work anxiety.  She started meditating and everything changed for the better.  

That was almost 20 years ago and now Jillian is an established Vedic Meditation teacher and wellness expert.  

In this session, Jillian shares her knowledge of Ayuverda.   She manages to deliver ancient wisdom in a very modern way making it practical and accessible for all.  

She introduces the 3 doshas and their qualities.  She explains how imbalances in work, life and relationships play out when it comes to the doshas.  We talk about digestion and sleep.  

Plus Jillian shares some easy tips to integrate ayurveda into your way of life.   

So, if you’re looking for holistic wellbeing, look no further.  This episode has you covered

For more on Jillian check out her website:


And invest in her book, Why Meditate: Because It Works