I’m deeply grateful to know you and have you in my life. Practicing with you has turned my mental state around, I’m happiest I’ve been in the past three years.
That little tribe outlet, even once a week, has lifted me up like you wouldn’t imagine! I just want you to know that you being in the world now and here has been a massive positive impact for me – thank you Universe for bringing you in my life when I needed you most 🙏💃🏽🌸

Morgan Diolot, Owner at White Hill Collection and Travel,

I came across Conscious Working via a mutual contact on LinkedIn at a time I was feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed. I was swimming fast but only managing to tread water. I had so much to juggle and felt like I was failing at work and at home due to time the pressures of each.

Of course I wasn’t failing at all. I was not giving myself the best opportunity to succeed. Tribe helped me become aware or that and regulate it. Or at least start to!

Tribe crystalised the importance of looking after myself in order to be the best possible version of myself at work, at home or anywhere.

I recognsied I needed to do do something but I didn’t know where to start. Tribe’s easy access content guided me (and continues to do so) with ease, and without pressure. It allowed me to start small and work up at my own pace, building around my personal lifestyle and commitments.

I am thoroughly enjoying the journey I’m on the with Conscious Working Tribesters!

Amy Titmarsh, PA to Chairman, mum of toddler, wife,

Love the site love the tribe.

It’s really easy to navigate and I always find treats in the pages. The content works for me as a busy working mum – Gret understands the pressure and is so thoughtful in how she crafts what we need.
I just want more time to live this way – would love a retreat so I can!


Jackie Hay, Chief Merchandising Officer, Radley

I’ve really enjoyed working with Gret and Conscious Working this past year and watching its offer grow and evolve. The fact that meditation and its merits play such a focal part of their wellness proposition is always a positive. It’s been such a pleasure to contribute and support her mission to embed better wellbeing practices for different people, whether leaders, professionals or newcomers starting out their journey.

Jillian Lavender, Vedic Meditation Teacher, Wellness Expert and Author, London Meditation Centre

Gret’s one-to-one teaching has been a revelation. Right from the start I made meaningful progress – and I look forward to the class each week. Because I’m a novice she makes sure I understand the concepts as well as the movements. Gret’s classes are fun, challenging and informative. I’m delighted to recommend her to anyone.

Jules Heynes, Founder, The Story Board, Beginner yogi

I’ve been a member of Tribe since its initial launch!
The beauty of Tribe is that it gives you the flexibility to be the yogi that you want to be at any particular time.
Some days, power yoga is the absolute must have, other days yin yoga is the stretch and relaxation that you need. I love having the space to create the perfect practice for me on any given day, whether that be a 15 minute, 30 minute or 1 hour session. The combination of meditation, breath work, yoga and guest speakers offered really helps to create a wonderful collection of experiences for our growing community.

Monique Walcott, Founder, Ace Edit, Meditator

I have been studying and practicing yoga with Gret for over 12 months now.  She has taken me on an incredible journey from yoga novice to becoming a founding member of her Conscious Working Tribe.  Her patience, skill and general working demeanor set her aside from others.  She is totally dedicated to each student and manages to enthuse you with every class.  She pushes her students in a gentle, yet powerful way and instills a real passion for each and every class.  She is a visionary and I believe for Gret and her Tribe members, there are no limits.  Anything is possible.

Frankie Lytton-Cobbold, Business Owner, Portobello Interiors

As a yogi of 17 years, I never thought it would be possible to have the same experience of a real life class online.  Gret’s flows always hit the spot and encompass everything I want – connection, physical release and mental clarity.  Her approach to yoga is unique and relevant, but at the same time familiar and respectful of the traditions we know as yogis.  Absolute highlight of my working week!

Catriona Rose, Founder, Catriona Rose Massage

Working with Gret was a total dream. She glided into my house with a cool elegance and I immediately felt at ease as we shared the juggles of being working mothers and home managers. She quickly set to work dividing up the areas of home life into sections that we could discuss and explore alternatives. Gret was a fountain of knowledge and gave me a fabulous list of easily accessible alternatives to match my daily needs. I was left feeling inspired, motivated and excited for my ever more conscious lifestyle and that my small contribution to a more sustainable way of life is attainable! Most importantly, I look forward to educating my children through my day to day choices and actions, how we can all make a difference to our planet together.

Natasha Vassipoulous, Working Mother, Meditator and Yogi

Gret’s weekly wellbeing practices allow my team to (virtually) get together outside the working day to talk about gratitude, worries and the ups and downs of life – it’s a safe environment to share and support each other. The team benefit from a better state of mind, and as founder, I’ve noted a positive, productive and creative response, which makes us all more effective.

Zoe Kuipers, Founder and Director, Zoe Communications

Conscious Working created a series of very well attended workshops that spanned a holistic introduction to wellbeing – as practice and culture – across our business. It spoke to leaders and employees on the importance of wellbeing at work, linking mental health to physical, social and environmental wellbeing. We were delighted to hear so much positive feedback – participants were engaged and open as Gret created a safe, accessible space for learning, sharing and a honest conversation. The value of greater wellbeing as a cultural norm is now high on the agenda and what it brings, not just in performance, but also something more important – purpose.

Mieke Bloemen, Health & Nutrition Team,

As head of the Field and Operations team at Michael Kors Europe, I believe a mindful team is a productive team. Gret created an introductory wellbeing programme that educated my team on the fundamentals of wellbeing and why it matters at work – as well as in daily life. She introduced a toolkit for my busy team and shared tactics to implement them easily. I believe wellness gives my team the energy we need to be the best leaders in our field and we look forward to continuing to work with Gret and Conscious Working.

Chris Amplo, DVP, Michael Kors EMEA

Our team operates in a relatively complex, high functioning and, occassionally, stressful environment… and that was before remote working and isolation, which compounded the issues of our teams’ wellbeing! Gret’s structured approach to work wellness and balance was incredibly well received by the team. She was able to adapt her programme and related guidance to suit the needs of our team. She engaged our teams through interactive workshops in breathing, mindfulness and meditation, as well as introduced simple yoga concepts that could be done at our home desks to ensure our mind, body and spirit were better able to cope with the day to day stress. The team continues to reference Gret’s easy to implement toolkit as a means to feel good and perform at their best.

Joel Brandon-Bravo, Vice President of Travel & Digital Solutions, TransPerfect

Our decision to work with Conscious Working has been a very positive one. Gret designed a 6 week programme of mindfulness training blended with yoga for our entire team. During lockdown, it was a great support to rely on these sessions as a way to bring our employees together and deepen connections.  The meditations in particular were a real source of strength for what was a challenging and sometimes anxious time for all businesses. For our Team, we pride ourselves in building connected and harmonious relationships across all parts of the business within our overall employee Wellness programs and based on these goals, we would recommend Gret and Conscious Working without hesitation.

Justin Stead, CEO, Radley London

Having worked with Gret previously, we knew who to approach when we decided to found our new communications consultancy in London. We wanted to apply a modern well-being approach to our workplace, one that would benefit us and our growing network of like-minded professionals. The GBCL introductory package was informative and refreshingly practical. Gret’s focus and energy gave us the tools and confidence to keep growing collectively, virtually and independently as we navigate working from home.

Alysha Reid & Johnathan Green, Reid & Green