Fasting Insights

Susie Rucker is back to share her knowledge and insight on FASTING.  And, with this, she is also on the fast track to be one of our resident Conscious Experts!!

With an extensive career, Susie started as a nurse in London before moving overseas to Africa and then Asia.  She studied nutritional therapy, which then led her to functional medicine.  Her holistic approach enables her to truly identify and address the root cause of disease rather than treating the symptom.

In our previous episodes (not to be missed), Susie walked you through the Immune System and eating to build your immunity.  We also had an episode on Developing Healthy Habits around food and eating.

In both episodes we touched on Intermittent Fasting and said we’d come back to talk about it at some point.

This episode does just that and more.

Susie shares a huge amount in a short episode, including

Her own experience with and reason for going on fasting retreats
The concept of fasting
A simple definition of fasting vs cleansing
The basics of intermittent fasting
Tips to start intermittent fasting
She grounds all her pearls of wisdom are grounded in intuition, something I teach in my yoga classes.  She talks about knowing your own body, being mindful of how your body feels, how it’s being impacted by what you put into it and your daily stresses.

And, throughout this conversation, she references breathwork, mindfulness, yoga, meditation and sleep, a true holistic and integrative approach to health and self-care.

As ever, we ended the conversation knowing what our next conversation will be about and that’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, Meridiens and Yin Yoga.

If you want to reach out to Susie you can find her at

And the Books we referenced are:

Breathe by James Nestor

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel A. van der Kolk