Our Conscious Expert guest is Anthony Rhone who has been practising as a therapist for 18 years and has been with Nightingale Hospital London for over 10 years.

Anthony’s comprehensive experience and an array of expertise and skills enable him to practice using integrated therapeutic models that combines: Cognitive, Behavioural, Humanistic and Psychodynamic approaches.
He covers a wealth of subjects that shine a light on managing mental health issues through the Pandemic and beyond it and offers accessible practical advice on helpful habit-forming behaviours to manage stress as the world of work returns.

In short, we need to pay attention to our wellbeing needs.

Often, we may overlook the simplest of pleasures such as a short walk, or short breathing exercises, or drawing all of which can bring levels of anxiety down and deliver a sense of calm. He covers “emersion techniques” around the return to work such as taking the journey to work to manage the stress of its prospect and change perspectives.

Anthony explains the cognitive and the emotional responses we all have to events around us and how mindfulness can allow us all to be more self-aware about our feelings and the likely reaction we may have, especially as the world is now more uncertain than ever.

Yet, it’s that collective experience that can bring us all together, offering us all the choice to help each other build better communities.