Conscious Experts   |   30 minutes

Jarvis Smith is both a Conscious Expert and truly a Conscious Leader.

Jarvis wears many different hats – all with the same hairstyle – and all connected to his greater purpose to inspire millions to live consciously and aware of the consequences that affect our planet.

As a trained shaman, he is incredibly connected to nature and energy and brings this into his work with business leaders to help them understand their own blueprint.

He is the co-founder of My Green Pod with his wife, Katie.  This is the go-to source for all things sustainable.  They have done all the work to review and approve brands and products so whether you’re simply looking for information or to actually purchase something this is where you need to go.

This conversation is very special and unique.  We touch on Jarvis’s background, the pivotal moments that he experienced and his own calling to do what he’s doing.

He also shares some frightening, yet true facts about the state of the world and the climate crisis, whilst offering tips on what we can, and need to, do right now.  And, yes, that means NOW!

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