Modern Ayuverda

We welcome back to Conscious Experts one of our favourite experts and Tribe member,
Louisa Chapman-Andrews Founder of Cook Folk.


As many of you already know from previous sessions with Louisa, she has a passion for helping people discover their love of cooking and has a knack for helping even the most kitchen phobic person become more confident in the kitchen.  

She is skilled at making everything super practical, easy to follow and beyond tasty. 

In light of our recent episode with meditation teacher and wellbeing guru, Jillian Lavender on Ayuverda, we focused our conversation on take-aways from Jillian and Louisa spiced up some ayurvedic staples as only Louisa can.


In this episode, expect to hear about: 

  • Autumn = vatta season – time to maintain our psycho-physical balance as the season changes 
  • Benefits of fasting 
  • Use of ghee to draw out impurities 
  • Use of hot water sipped throughout the day to unblock ama
  • Ginger to build fire and ignite digestion


Louisa explains : 


  • The process of making ghee
  • Where to buy ghee and things to look out for when buying / how to store / how to use 

She whips up three ghee preparations to help you throughout the day:

  • WINTER GLOW OIL – liquid ghee infused with a powerful blend of winter colds and virus fighting spices; ginger, turmeric and black pepper. For use in cooking anything from soups, stews, dahls, stir fries, etc. Store as a liquid at room temp and use as a powerful flavour short cut for everyday cooking, with significant health benefits too
  • GOLDEN COFFEE OIL – liquid ghee infused with cinnamon, vanilla, star anise and cardamom – use to flavour coffee, in cakes, pancakes, muffins, etc. Store as a liquid at room temp toads flavour and richness to your morning coffee each day 
  • GARLIC AND HERB GHEE  – a classic combination of garlic, lemon zest, parsley and tarragon – just like a herb butter but instead mashed through solid ghee. Keep frozen in a paper wrapped cylinder to pull out and slice anytime a shot of flavour and richness is required
  • Plus she makes one quick lunchtime dahl with the Winter Glow Oil 

As always we link our conversation back to yoga and our similar teaching approaches on the mat and in the kitchen.  We hope you have a giggle with us throughout and are inspired to incorporate ghee into your daily repertoire.

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