The Subtle Pause

Establish your posture, bring an attention to your breath and begin.  Enjoy this guided breathwork and meditation that brings your awareness to the subtle pause in your breath.  Find the gap within and experience your inner spaciousness.  You start with the Viloma Breath, which is an interrupted, 3 part breath.


Inhale to fill a third of the lungs, then pause and retain breath for a moment.
Inhale to fill two thirds, then pause.
Inhale to fill the lungs completely, then exhale a smooth, steady, deep breath out.
You’ll do this 3 times and then flip it around, inhaling fully and then exhaling in three parts.


Finish by combining it, breathing in 3 parts and breathing out in 3 parts.

Notice the subtle pause as you go through this pranayama practice.

Then move into a short meditation and experience the gap between your breath.