Bitter Orange and Mint Dressing

Beat the January blues with this lively dressing filled with immune boosting ingredients.


The kick of flavours will certainly make you feel a bit more sunny; with bitter seville orange juice, punchy chillies, ginger and fresh mint it will certainly take your taste buds onto a new plane, but, the ingredients can reputedly help you to ward off and recover from the usual colds and viruses too…


Seville oranges – the bitter juice is full of vitamin C which can help boost your immune system to help ward off colds and flu

Ginger – helps sore throats and fights viruses and bacteria

Mint – opens up pores and helps to rid the body of excess heat from a fever

Garlic – relieves congestion and helps you recover more quickly

Yogurt – live bacteria will bolster your immune system and therefore help you fight illnesses

Chillies – gives you a kick and makes you feel alive and can help clear your sinuses (even if only temporarily!)

Maple syrup – amazing antimocrobial properties that can help your bodies immune response



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