The Edit

With the boys back at school this week and the weather starting to get a bit colder, I am feeling the urge to do a big EDIT.

But this time, it’s not simply editing out a few clothes as I always do when I do my seasonal clothes swap.  This time, I mean a big, all encompassing, total home, every room, every category edit.  Less is surely more and tidy house, tidy mind.  And, for the things that remain their value becomes so much more meaningful.

Truth be told, I’ve been doing little edits the past few months with the intention of going all out.  I did the boys clothes a few weeks ago in preparation for their return to school.  The boys and I did most of the children books and toys together so we are pretty good on that front.

It’s everything else that has somehow piled up and I just couldn’t get myself in gear to tackle.  I had the best intention of clearing out every room and making it super minimalist during lockdown, but the days came and went and I clearly decided other things were more important.

Now though, it seems pressing.  I have a desire to be able to pack up and leave if we want.  But, with the amount of STUFF we have in our house, it doesn’t seem that simple.  Over the years, things accumulated without actually taking stock of all that we possess.  And as our possessions accumulated we became attached to much of it, even the boys talk about ‘their’ toys, ‘their’ clothes.

I mentioned this to my husband recently and he reminded me of Robert DeNiro’s quote in Heat, ‘Don’t let yourself get too attached to anything you aren’t willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat when the heat is around the corner.’  Whether he was talking about the police or global warming (!), this idea of detachment is very inviting, especially given the uncertainty all around us.

Detaching from our stuff reminds me of the 5th and final Yama, Aparigraha, or non-possessiveness.  (The Yamas being the 1st Limb of Yoga, part of the ethical codes, the ‘restraints’.)  This can be a very physical thing as it is in my case.  But, in clearing out the physical stuff, it creates a greater freedom in the mind.

Despite my willpower and desire, I also recognise I need a method to do this logically and with care.  So, I’m turning to the tidying expert, Marie Kondo.  Her website has a wealth of information, including tidy tips, rules and even the 8 Week Challenge.

Here is to starting my Big Edit.  As recommended, I am beginning with the clothes and moving on t other parts of the home.  Here are a few before shots.  Greatly hoping to share my success stories and after shots before 8 weeks!

Practical Recommendations

I defer to Marie Kondo for recommendations so head to her website and follow her on Instagram.  She’s a genius when it comes to tidying your space to create joy in your life.