Back to School

We’re out of self-isolation after returning from our family trip to Spain and now focused on getting the boys ready to go Back to School.

Not surprisingly, this year, Back to School feels very different from other years.

As a parent, I know that both our boys need to get back to a routine, socialise with friends and learn from trained teachers.  It is vital for their well-being.  At the same time, there is a part of me that questions if we are all being too hasty.

Government guidance was released yesterday regarding the full opening of schools.  Whilst there is a focus on our childrens’ well-being,  the reality is that the pandemic is still very much out there.  Just today, for example, lockdown restrictions are tightening in Glasgow because there is another rise in cases.

The fact is this is going to continue.  Uncertainty is our new normal.  We need to explain that school life will be very different.

In my opinion, the best we can do is help our children understand what this means for them and give them some tools to manage it.  Mindfulness is a great place to start.  If they can grasp the power of awareness at an early age then they are set up for a life and will be able to handle whatever life throws at them.

Practical Recommendations

Inner Ninja – Introduces mindfulness thru the ‘inner ninja’ of concentration and counting breaths.

Mindful – Say the word out loud and it reminds children to come back to the present moment.

Grounding Breaths – Take 3 deep breaths, inhaling thru the nose and exhaling out the mouth.  It shifts energy and allows children to re-centre.

Chanting Om – There is something about the word and the vibration that is calming.

Making Time – Just simply being there as parents and available to answer questions.

A really useful resource is Cosmic Kids Yoga, which teaches yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for children in a fun, interactive way.  Subscribe on YouTube and follow on IG.  You can even buy the app.