Nourish Your Immunity

Boost your immunity, boost your wellbeing.

Winter is kicking in and with it the common cold is making a spectacular come back.

That coupled with flu and Covid means there’s a cocktail of nasties to navigate.

Yet, most of us forget that there are several, easy win, ways to massively boost our immunity.

This month, our Conscious Working Tribe theme is “Nourish Your Body” and with that we are taking a closer look at a few simple approaches to eat well be well and build our immune systems.

To hand hold us through the best food recommendations, sources, vitamins, and vegetables, we tracked down Functional Medicine Practitioner Susie Rucker.

With degrees in Paediatric nursing, tropical medicine, and nutritional therapy, she is also a certified functional medicine practitioner IFMCP, one of only 150 people in the UK.

In our expert led series, Susie dives into gut health, balancing blood sugars, the why’s and where’s of crucial vitamins A and D, Zinc as the zeus of immunity, plus alternatives to butter and public enemy number 1, sugar!

There’s advice on best breakfasts, healthier snacking, and good alternatives to the bad stuff.

Plus advice on how a few shifts in behaviour change can transform your wellbeing for the long term.

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