Mindset Reset with Jennie Francis

Few feel they are truly called to their vocation, but Jennie Francis, a former journalist, woke up one morning in 1999 and has been a hypnotherapist ever since.

Jennie has been a leading hypnotherapist dealing with a multitude of issues, phobias, anxieties, and addictions, curing thousands along the way.

Registered with the General #hypnotherapy Register and the NHS, Jennie is a regular media commentator for national press, BBC Radio, and Channel 4.

In an exclusive interview for Conscious Working’s Tribe, Jennie maps out her approach using “indirect hypnotherapy”, noting outcomes that have allowed clients to move through problems to find new freedoms and often a new lease of life and creativity.

Explaining the science, language, and rhythm of speech, she covers topics such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which spans techniques that weave in audio, visual, smell and even taste into the process.

This month Conscious Working’s series Mindset Reset focuses on how to tap into a new lane to better lock in and manage routines – be they old or new.

The message from Jennie is that bad habits , fears, and stress can be dealt with and then replaced with positive thinking and improved behaviours.

Hypnotherapy also distills new perspectives, detachment, and even a better way to rationalise and react to triggers and the complicated situations where they seed.

Jennie also makes the case for how a perception of self can map out new opportunities for improvements regardless of the odd blip. self compassion can go a long way to build self confidence.

In her view, we all need to be kinder to ourselves, noting those returns will play out positively with family, friends and immediate communities.

Listen now to a clip from Jennie’s full interview.