Alchemy 1.01 UK Health Radio

Gret Batchelar was interviewed on UK Health Radio and it aired January 7th, 2022 to over 1.2 million subscribers globally.

The 20-minute item maps a myriad of topics from her early career to a mega move from the US to the UK, with all its cultural curiosities.

From there, marriage and the miracles of #motherhood plus all the parental challenges are spotlighted, juggling career demands and the bid to manage it all!

Gret explains that it was only in the moment of her #burnout that her wellbeing took precedence – and with it the birth of a business idea that become Conscious Working, our wellbeing business advisory and then the Tribe membership.

Topics then travel across how organisations can embed wellbeing as culture and strategy.

Importantly, where there is a will, there’s a way but that must ultimately come from #leaders showing the value of wellbeing – in their #practice and promotion.

The top wellbeing trends 2022 are also ticked off the list such as immune health, sleep, and its benefits, breathing practices, community connections, adaptogens and even laughter (yes, there are workshops!)

Gret covers off the data, science and the implications and returns of these practices – and what mass adoption could mean in the workplace and in life.

Listen now to the full interview, plus Cali White on healing the wounds handed down from when we burned witches.