I Don’t Like Mondays

“I don’t like Mondays….I wanna sh-oo-oot the whole day down..”

That was the Bob Geldof line that came to mind when I read about a recent academic study.

It discovered that workers are at their rudest on Mondays, but thankfully people’s politeness incrementally improves over the week.

In this context, perhaps the hybrid 3 – 2 model of some days in the office and some at home makes sense.

As new data streams in from London to Sydney, Monday and Fridays are the popular days to WFH.

One problem is that a quieter office can feel too quiet, even dead. Another reason why Goldman and JP Morgan are advocating a full working week.

Yet that trend is far from popular – the latest US data from Kastle Systems, an office security system, states only 17% of New York City workers are back.

For many, the office commute kills time, often family time and that is, for some of us, priceless.

But employers will continue to ask how will workers remain connected as a company?

At Conscious Working, we believe worker wellbeing is being seriously disrupted by these changes, and the lack of clarity that goes with it.  Some employers are rightly taking action.

Our solution is to provide wellbeing programmes that build in resilience, connection, binding a workforce together, especially when remote.

The toolkit we provide can lightly schedule employees with advice, practical guidance on meditation, mindfulness, movement and living more sustainably.

It’s simple – when employees feel and think better, they perform better.

Hybrid is here to stay.

So too, new stress on workers that need to be addressed as mental health becomes the number 1 corporate priority.