Educate yourself

Knowledge is power. But it’s also really interesting to see how one topic can open up to so many others and that there is a link between so many topics.

Three years ago, I was frustrated with my boys diet and trying to figure out how to get them to eat more healthily. It’s not that they were eating terribly, but there definitely seemed to be a lot of Carrs cheese crackers, sausages and chips. I was working full time and travelling most weeks so had to be ok in handing over most mealtimes to others, either a nanny or my husband, who just didn’t have the same beliefs in children’s diet.

Probably important to point out that I was raised by a domestic goddess, who was strict with meals. My mom organized packed school lunches and cooked a fresh meal every night, which we ate together as a family seated at the dining room table. Suffice it to say, I learned to be a relatively healthy, balanced eater (despite some ups and downs in my teens and early 20s). That said, trying to teach children healthy eating is a totally different story. So I gathered more information. All of a sudden I found myself learning about FODMAP diets, ferments, bio-dynamic farming, sustainability, climate change, even mindfulness… and the list just continued and still continues to this day. I went to a variety of sources, starting with books, which then lead to podcasts, which introduced me to documentaries and even e-courses. It was, and still is, like peeling an onion with one layer leading to another and then another.

For me, the fascinating part is seeing how the subject matters weave together, influence one another and also my way of thinking. My philosophy on Conscious LIving was born through this curiosity and will continue to evolve because I continue to educate myself on new topics that seem on the periphery at first but then become so integral.

So get curious and be open!


Practical recommendations

Start with your own personal interests and see where it leads.