Disruption as Normal

Here we go again… More social restrictions and regulations have been announced by the UK government in order to manage the global pandemic.

After a period of containment in July and August, according to recent data from Public Health England (in conjunction with Wales, Scotland and Ireland), cases are once again on the rise.  Daily average cases is over 2000 more since last week.

It’s clear that the return to work and school has relaxed many of us and we are now seeing the consequences.  The difference this time around is that there is greater clarity on the time period, as well as the actual restrictions, who is involved and what is impacted.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m adding DISRUPTION to my vocabulary!  Not that I’m surprised, but this global pandemic continues to disrupt our lifestyle – be it work, sport and even socialising in general – and it’s likely to impact us for longer than we hope or expect.

In order to manage this disruption, I’m reminded once again how important it is to have our own mood enhancers in place… the natural ones of course!  For some of us, that may mean actually making those behavioural changes that we have been thinking for the past few months.

The challenge is that habits are hard to make and break.  I listened to a brilliant podcast this week explaining just this.  Dr. Bruce Lipton, an epigeneticist, is known for bridging science and spirit.*  Until 7 years old, we are forming our individual Operating System, which drives our beliefs and habits amongst other things.  After that, we must make a conscious effort to adjust that OS, make changes to it, form new habits.

So, what is there to do?  It’s all well and good having the knowledge of what to do.  The key is employing the tool kit, especially in times like this where uncertainty and disruption are inevitable.

Practical Recommendations

Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier and place it across the room so you’re forced to get up to turn it off.  Splash some cold water on your face and sit down to Be Still for a few moments.

Take a midday walk outside with a friend or neighbour.  You’ll experience the benefits of the fresh air, the great outdoors AND socialising (whilst still abiding by government regs)!

Name someone as your accountability partner and ask them to support your efforts in employing the toolkit.  We don’t need to do everything on our own!


*Check out The Low Tox Life podcast hosted by Alexx Stuart, episode #178.