The Importance of Teachers

With my boys back in school, I am so interested to see how their teachers engage with them, knowing that these individuals are influencing the next generation.

In watching, I’m reminded of my own teachers along the way.  The ones that stand out are those that enabled a real sense of connection, encouraged my curiosity and inspired personal development.

We tend to think of teachers in relation to education, but, informally, the role can be taken on by anyone.  Looking back (and even in my current situation), my best teachers are not necessarily those that taught subjects in school, but rather taught me ABOUT the school of life and my role in it.

For this reason, I’ve decided to host a series on #MyTalentedTeachers.  I’ll be interviewing various people who have inspired me and been instrumental in my development.  My hope is that there stories will resonate and others will be inspired by their words and wisdom as much as I have been.