Commit to Act

Let’s be honest, life is overwhelming and there is so much ‘advice’ and guidance on what to do or not do in relation to our health and well-being, as well as that of the planet.

We consume information, amongst other things, like it’s going out of style that it is almost hard to know where to start or what to even believe. Layered on top of that, maybe you’re like me at the beginning of my journey and questioned if my small actions would even make a difference.

The simple answer is yes, your actions do make a difference. Imagine if everyone did just 1 thing – consider that impact and it’s ripple effect. The important thing is to start somewhere. Find something that resonates with you and do it. It could be as simple as not buying plastic water bottles again.

When I first started down this path towards more Conscious Living I was trying to minimise my consumption of single use plastics. You know how it is, once you focus on something you all of a sudden start noticing it everywhere! At this time, I was working in Central London and had a morning routine of getting a take-away Oat Milk Flat White from my favourite coffee shop, The Black Penny, en route to my office. It was a little treat and I loved it, but I was also very aware that the plastic lids were adding up and not at all planet-friendly. I promised myself not to have a take-away coffee unless I had my keep cup, or better yet, had time to enjoy my coffee sitting down. I was normally running a bit late so the latter was not an option and I had to be prepared. Sounds small and simple, but it worked and that commitment kept me focussed. I think I forgot my keep cup once and my lack of a much desired coffee was so memorable I learned the importance of being prepped.

It’s through these small actions and simple commitments that great things grow.


Practical recommendations

Keep it simple, i.e. not buying plastic water bottles or, like me, no take-away coffee cups.
Know your why behind the commitment.
Share your commitment with a friend or family member, your partner, a work colleague. Someone to support you and help hold you accountable.
Be prepped with what you need for the day when you leave home. My daily conscious kit includes: keep cup for coffee, stainless steel bottle for liquid, cutlery set, mini-tiffin box for takeaway food or leftovers to bring home, carrier (net) bag to keep it all together and extra space for anything you pick up on your outing.