Bircher Muesli by Cook Folk

My grandmother was the master of bircher muesli and I always associate the grated apple in this recipe with her.

Of course it’s not unique but I think the soft fruitiness and mild sharpness you get from the apple combined with the milk really makes this muesli special. You can of course use fruit juice but by using the whole fruit you get the fiber too which aids digestion – and alongside the oats, barley and rye, nuts and seeds, fresh ginger and cinnamon you have a wonder list of satiating and blood sugar lowering ingredients to set you up for the day. No cooking is required for Bircher muesli – instead you just soak the flakes overnight in the fridge.  Plus, if you make enough you can have your bircher for several mornings on the trot. Just mix up the fruit, nuts and toppings to make things feel fresh each morning.

Quicker than waiting for the toaster to pop and easily transportable in a lidded jar if you are on the move or eating at your desk.


• 2 cups Jumbo Oats (or a mix of Oats, rolled Barley flakes and rolled Rye flakes)
• 4 cups Milk / Plant Based Milk of your choice (I like brown rice, oat or almond)
• 1-2 Apples, grated
• 1 tbs mixed Seeds (chia, pumpkin, sunflower, hulled hemp seeds)
• 1 tbs mixed Nuts, chopped (almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, brasils)
• ½ tsp ground Cinnamon
• A little grated Ginger (to taste)
• A little grated Orange zest (to taste)
• Yogurt, fresh fruit, toasted seeds, chopped nuts and a little maple syrup to serve if you wish


• Combine all the ingredients (bar the toppings) in a bowl and stir to combine
• Taste and adjust the balance of sharpness and sweetness with more apple if required
• Cover and place in the fridge to enjoy over the coming days

Courtesy of Louisa Chapman-Andrews of Cook Folk