Campfire Pan Con Tomate

Campfire food holds a special magic for me.

Woodsmoke drifting through everything – including your eyes! – lends a certain something to each meal. Plus it’s a great opportunity for creativity – on the last day of a camping trip you need to put things together imaginatively to use things up. This wonderful breakfast was conjured up in moments by my great friend Saffron on our recent Isle of Wight camping weekend, who spotted a version of a Spanish breakfast classic in the remnants of our ingredient store.


Sourdough bread, toasted
Large beef tomatoes, Isle of Wight if you can get them
Garlic, half a clove finely grated
Olive oil, a generous couple of glugs
Eggs, whisked with a splash of water or milk and seasoning
Manchego cheese, sliced very thinly into triangles
Butter, a knob for the omelette pan
Salt and pepper


– In a medium sized bowl grate the tomatoes on the large side of the grater leaving the skin and core behind
– Grate over the half garlic clove
– Season with salt and pepper and glug the olive oil and slow roast tomatoes until you start to get a glistening jelly like tomato pasta
– In a pan big enough to accommodate the eggs, melt some butter and make a thin omelette
– Drizzle the sourdough toast with more olive oil and lashings of the tomato passata
– Cut the omelette into triangles and place alongside the tomato toast and more triangles of the manchego
– Serve with campfire coffee and anything else that needs using up – we had a few cubes of fried pancetta and leftover spuds cooked in the pancetta oil and some slow toast tomatoes brought along for the trip.