Life inside the C-Suite with Becky Falkingham

Conscious Working launches this new series, Conscious Leaders, where we talk to business leaders and their advisors about the world of work.

We kick off with Becky Falkingham, CEO of The Alexander Partnership, a leading advisory firm that has been coaching C-suites across countless corporates in different sectors for decades.

Becky shines a light on life inside the c-suite, guiding CEOs through those very tough decision-making processes, often under extreme pressures.  She covers the key characteristics to being a better leader, listing #compassion, vulnerability, and an ability to listen as essential.

You’ll also hear details on how leaders coped during Covid and how new management styles were quickly adopted to navigate the tidal wave of change.

Whether it was financial survival (airlines), order overload (retail) or commuter meltdown (railways), crises also triggered deeper team connections, fresh loyalties, and renewed board-level engagement.

Often in the face of adversity, survival instincts allowed for a better approaches, sharper communications, faster decisions, and creativity where nothing was off the table.

It’s now a question of how to bottle that so learnings are not lost.

The question still unanswered is how #hybrid will work longer term, and with workers holding more cards, whether companies will offer complete flexibility as a way to compete.

Within that wellbeing, as a cultural play with focus on mental health has also taken its place at exec tables – as a differentiator and a relevant metric for collective mood, morale, and performance.

Tune in to this clip to hear from Becky.  And to listen to the interview in its entirety (plus others like this) join Tribe now!