Food for Thought with Susie Rucker

We’re really excited to have Susie Rucker, Functional Medicine Practitioner back in the expert interview chair.

Picking up from our previous item on immunity and gut health, Susie sets out a compelling case for how we can lock in more routine and eat more healthily without fuss or effort.

Noting “we are what we eat”, we need to shop well, stack shelves and fridge fills with goodies that are nourishing like colourful veggies and slow burn oats.

“White is blight” as they say so avoid the breads and pastas – yes, we know – but don’t follow that rule!

And Blood Sugars can be managed better by balancing the plate in more meals – that means less of a roller coaster ride of highs and lows as mid pm cravings kick in.

With millions working from home, our lunch choices offer the chance to reset energy for more productive PM work sessions – with less grazing so the digestive system can reset.

Susie goes on to reveal the best supplements as we come out of Winter, the power of Vitamin B as the ultimate mood food and how we can get a huge hit, in a Liver pate, leavy greens and Beetroot. Vitamin D as the brain hormone from eggs and oily fish can also help offer more balance and regulate mood.

She wraps up with a discussion on dopamine deficiency where we all suffer from thrill seeking or mini rewards yes sugar but also social media, as part of the fabric of everyday life.

To offset and re-balance this, we need more protein and B6 to reset dopamine overdose and with it what it robs, as well as those desires – like more sweetness that tickle tums in afternoon lulls!

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