Yoga Connects Us

I never imagined I would teach yoga.  In fact, up until 2 years ago, it never even crossed my mind, despite practicing for 20 years!

I completed my 200 hours during lockdown in June and have been teaching regular Zoom classes, as well as some private clients over the past few months as one part of a broader Conscious Living plan.  I recently applied for a studio teaching spot with Lumi Power Yoga in Hammersmith (where I practice regularly and did my Teacher Training).  This required a video submission of me teaching a 60 minute class.

Whilst yoga usually provides a sense of release for me, it actually filled me with nerves to do this video!  Thankfully, I received some positive feedback, including a constructive critique of where I can improve.  It looks like I’ll be doing a studio class at Lumi at some point in the next few months.

The Sanskrit meaning of Yoga is Union.  We often reference this to the Mind – Body – Breathe, but there is also the important connection between teacher and student, as well as the collective.

Being in a studio allows us to directly experience the unified purpose of the practice – both as students and as teachers.  My talented teachers take me on a journey and tap into the energy of the group, which means we indirectly support one another through the practice. This can be a profound and powerful experience.

Given the heightened restrictions, let’s not forget, or be closed off to, the opportunity for us to experience this collective connection and energy, even if it is remotely.  We are living an evermore virtual existence and need to remember the power and benefits of connection, which are still accessible online.

In a world that’s closing down it’s even more important to be outward looking and stay optimistic!

Practical Recommendations

Find your local community yoga studio (or join me!) and check that they offer virtual classes.  If you’re in West London, check out Lumi Power Yoga on King Street.

Introduce yourself and take advantage of the social connections with other students and the teacher.  Social connections are proven to enhance your well-being.

Embrace technology – use the camera, position it correctly and practice collectively!