Why can’t I switch off: Awareness

We are living in a time where busy-ness is worn like a badge of honor.

What’s most important is that you know what is causing you to be ON all the time?

Acknowledge why you’re on.

Are you on because you have specific work to do?  A work project that you need to actually DO work for…..  I think of this as DOING MODE.


Are you on because you’re thinking about all the things that need to get done?    This is THINKING MODE.


Can you not switch off because you’re not delegating?  Taking on more than you should be doing… so once again DOING MODE

or maybe,

You’re not able to switch off because you’re stressed…  this is very much the THINKING MODE ….

No matter the answer for you, this is NOT a time for judgement.  This is your time to become super aware of why you’re experiencing what you’re experiencing…..

Awareness is your first step to moving through this.  But remember, awareness doesn’t just happen – it’s a skill you can learn so give yourself time to get present to what is really causing you to NOT switch off.

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