We’ve Launched

Every now and again you look back and think…wow, that’s was really worth it.

As my mind retraces the last year, it’s a leap to find broader references than lockdown life, restrictions, Groundhog Day.

One very happy memory is the long, sometimes challenging conversations Gret and I have had creating the concepts and ideas that have now come together to form Conscious Working.

Conscious Working is a Wellbeing at Work platform. It’s our new business and it officially launches today @consciousworking.co

At its heart is a simple message – we want help workers feel better, to be better. And there’s a ripple effect from companies to community and in time the planet.

In an age where remote working and the office will form a permanent hybrid, employers have an obligation to look after their employees – now more than ever as stress and anxiety are so prevalent.

For companies, there comes a choice – to embed Wellbeing as a core principle in their DNA and then watch it grow to inform culture and shape perspectives and strategy – or to miss that opportunity, and with it, competitive advantage.

Future forward companies already get it and use it. Many leaders have made the link between employee state of mind and – focus, loyalty and ultimately performance.

But let’s be clear – this is not about some kind of Boot Camp.

Our mission is to help people. To be in this moment, present, and to be well. From that place, we believe we can all excel.

From CEOs to new starters, everyone has a contribution to make but its leaders who can make the difference, beginning with their own programme.

If the workplace has an atmosphere of positivity, openness and inclusion because people are more connected, even when remote, the possibilities are endless.

So as Conscious Working takes on its first few clients, I know I can look back on a very tough year but remember that it was only through lockdown that we were given the time to rethink priorities and how we spend our time.

We’re out to make a difference in the world of work by embedding the assets of Wellbeing in business, one leader and one company at a time.

So please contact us conscious@consciousworking.co for a chat about our programmes and a positive approach to upgrade your and your company’s Wellbeing.