Tune in, Turn On…Burnout?

Worker burnout is on the rise since lockdown.

Research suggests that extended periods of remote working lead to negativity, poor productivity and lower staff retention.

Businesses’ social dynamic is directly related to performance, now front of mind for executives as the hybrid model takes hold.

A Harvard Business Review study found 85% of workers have experienced a decline in their wellbeing since the outbreak of Covid.

The chief cause of burnout is an imbalance between too much demand and too few resources. In a Stanford study, US workers now spend 35% of the time not commuting doing much longer hours. Another 60% are doing more house chores and childcare, impacting performance.

Our view is that leaders must lead by example. Your teams need to hear you say ‘I’m taking a break’, ‘I’m doing a Zoom walk and talk’ or ‘I’m off camera.’

KMPG have colour coded calls allowing workers to be out and about and not wedded to desks. Other firms have introduced a no calls/no meeting wellbeing window day per month.

We believe there’s a simple toolkit to employ. Prioritize sleep. Find a few moments of stillness.  Notice your breath.  Take regular breaks to move and stretch. Hydrate.  Eat real food. Get outside for a walk and fresh air.  All of these refresh the mind, energise the body and revitalise creativity.

Leaders must note that investing in Wellbeing programmes to feed in support and expert guidance will drive engagement, purpose, productivity and performance.

It’s also the right thing to do.