Lockdown 2.0

When the news of our 2nd lockdown was announced on Halloween I woke up the following Monday with a sense of dread.

I’m not alone with these feelings.  For many of us, despite the terms of this lockdown being a bit less strict it seems to be more mentally and emotionally challenging.

To combat this, I’m reverting to the knowledge I gained from the online Yale University course I took on The Science of Well-being.

One of my favourites is savouring.  Yes, the simple act of relishing in a moment or experience can impact our overall  health and happiness.  Check out the study by Jose et al, ‘Does Savoring Increase Happiness’  for more data.  Every day we have the opportunity to to step outside an experience and truly appreciate it.  I’ll be doing exactly that as I take a sip of scotch with our fellow bubbler, who stays with us on the weekends!

Also, if you think something is going to end soon you enjoy it more, according to Kurtz’ study here.  So keep reminding yourself that lockdown and the global pandemic is going to end soon(ish) and maybe you’ll appreciate the simplicity of today!

It’s back to basics to strengthen my mental muscle in order to get through the next few weeks… And, whatever news is to come post December 2nd!

Practical Recommendations

Express gratitude daily; there is scientific data backing it’s powerful psychological benefits.

Commit daily to savouring one experience; be it your morning coffee, favourite show or like me, having a drink!!

Find ways to connect socially, take a walk outside with a friend or have a zoom drinks party; so much proven goodness to our overall health!

Practice mindfulness in every activity to pull you into the present moment.  A focused mind is a happy mind!

*For more info check out Coursera and consider enrolling to learn more.