Ditch Processed Food

Why have my eating habits changed?

The first thing to note is that prolonged periods of eating a lot less OR a lot more than usual COULD BE an indicator that you’re going through burnout.

But, if you’re noticing that you’re just not eating very well for your body and your energy levels have been affected, there are actions you can take now.

The most important one is to DITCH PROCESSED FOODS!  The Western Diet, which is full of processed foods, but not packed with nutrients, evolved as a matter of convenience and nothing else.

It takes a bit of organisation and prep, but the time is worth it because of how you’ll feel.  And, we have some amazing recipes online courtesy of Cook Folk.  Her approach is all about simplicity and ease with batch cooking.  So block out some time to get stocked up and batched up.

Happy meal prepping!