Conscious Working

We recognise the workplace can be a force for positive change. We partner with business to create bespoke wellbeing programmes to ensure employees feel at their best to perform at their best. Beyond duty of care, we see wellbeing as key to company culture, but also a strategic asset, driving identity, purpose and growth across your organisation.

Audit & Evaluate

We perform 360 degree audit on the working environment, culture and related pressures.

Workforce unwellness could be costing the global economy 10 - 15% of annual economic output. In the US, this equates to $2.2 trillion.
GWI, The Future of Wellness 2016

Programme Packages

We recommend packages or a blend of packages, which are fully customised to each company and its employee needs.  These interactive classes, trainings and workshops can be delivered in person or virtually.

Conscious Working offers

  • Conscious Beginnings
  • Conscious Teams
  • Conscious Managment
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Conscious Company
As head of the Field and Operations team at Michael Kors Europe, I believe a mindful team is a productive team. Gret created an introductory wellbeing programme that educated my team on the fundamentals of wellbeing and why it matters at work - as well as in daily life. She introduced a toolkit for my busy team and shared tactics to implement them easily. I believe wellness gives my team the energy we need to be the best leaders in our field and we look forward to continuing to work with Gret and Conscious Working.
Chris Amplo, DVP, Michael Kors EMEA

Wellbeing Practices

With stress in the workplace on the rise, companies recognise that consistent yoga and meditation practices are easy and reliable initiatives that support employees and teams, reduce stress, improve clarity and focus, as well as strengthen relationships.

Conscious Working offers

  • Yoga for all levels
  • Mindfulness based Meditations
Gret's weekly wellbeing practices allow my team to (virtually) get together outside the working day to talk about gratitude, worries and the ups and downs of life – it’s a safe environment to share and support each other. The team benefit from a better state of mind, and as founder, I've noted a positive, productive and creative response, which makes us all more effective.
Zoe Kuipers, Founder and Director Zoe Communications