Charred Apricots and Halloumi

Sometimes you need to change things up a bit and this simple dish does just this

– sweet, sour and pleasingly salty – it makes a lovely lunch on its own with just some crusty bread, a great side dish and a fab starter too. The fresh sweetness of the apricots gets amplified by the sherry vinegar and honey which really works with the salty cheese. For me the deep raisiny perfume of the urfa chill flakes rounds the whole thing off perfectly, pairing wonderfully with the smokiness of the sherry vinegar, but feel free to use any chilli flakes that take your fancy.


Extra virgin olive oil (look for unfiltered and cold pressed solely by mechanical means)
Sherry vinegar (look for barrel aged)
Basil leaves
Urfa chill flakes pepper
Salt and pepper


– Slice the halloumi into generous slabs
– Slice the apricots into quarters discarding the stones
– Fry the halloumi in a little olive oil till browned and crisp in places – remove from the pan and keep warm on a serving plate
– In the same pan place the apricot quarters cut side down in the pan and lightly char the edges till they take on some colour but don’t start to lose their shape
– Once you are happy splash in a little sherry vinegar and drizzle in a little honey – toss the apricots around in the sweet-sour liquor and arrange them over the halloumi on a plate
– Scatter with the basil leaves, urfa chilli and some salt and pepper, drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil and serve

Louisa Chapman-Andrews
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