Braised waxy potatoes with fresh seasonal herbs

Braised waxy potatoes with fresh seasonal herbs by Cook Folk

The first digging of potatoes in early summer has always been an exciting moment for me. I still have an enchanted child like response to those pale little orbs popping out of the ground – it seems magical to me – and perhaps that’s because, once beyond their earthy tomb, freshly dug spuds are a simple pleasure that can hardly be beaten. Simply boiled and slathered in butter their thin skins burst in your mouth with a flavour that is both earthy and delicate. Traditionally new potatoes are cooked with a sprig of mint (a marriage made in heaven by the way) but I like to take it up a notch with a variety of summer herbs, garlic, shallots and lots of butter and olive oil. Using stock as your braising liquor adds wonderful flavour but as it reduces down with the butter and oil it also helps to create this wonderful glossy coating for the potatoes that really pulls the whole dish together. Shop bought potatoes are of course totally fine – just look out for fresh, firm, waxy varieties that will hold up when cooked. I urge you to give it a go!



Charlotte / pink fir potatoes – 1kg

Shallots – 1 large

Garlic 3-4 cloves

Butter – heaped tbs (grass fed if possible)

Olive oil – a good glug

Chicken or veg stock – 1 cup

Salt and pepper

Mixed fresh seasonal herbs; I used a mix of thyme, marjoram, oregano, chives and chive flowers, sorrel, mint – a sprig of each



Melt the butter and olive oil together in a really heavy based lidded wide saucepan

Throw in peeled garlic cloves and the roughly chopped shallots and a handful of the fresh herbs and toss to coat

Then throw in the potatoes, turning them around so they are coated in the herby butter

Throw in the stock, season and then cover the pan and cook gently braising the potatoes for around 20 minutes, checking regularly to ensure nothing is catching

They should be soft inside and the skins slightly golden and caramelised from the butter with only the merest liquid left in the pan

If in doubt remove the lid and evaporate some of the liquid off so that the butter, oil and stock become glossy and coat the potatoes

Pour the potatoes and any buttery juices into a serving bowl and scatter with more fresh herbs if you like

Great hot, at room temperature or cold


Recipe and photo courtesy of Cook Folk