10 Tips for Conscious Living

My philosophy on Conscious Living incorporates the themes of Mind, Body, Sustainable Living and Rituals.

While these tips could individually live in one of these foundations Conscious Living begins with awareness and I have found that ‘work’ on the mind helps strengthen my presence. So here are my top tips to live more consciously.

  1. BE STILL – connect within to experience external greatness
  2. DO SOMETHING – take action, even simple acts can make a difference
  3. MAKE A COMMITMENT – be accountable for something
  4. BE PREPARED – create your ‘conscious kit’
  5. EDUCATE YOURSELF – knowledge is power
  6. TAKE INVENTORY – get curious about your current reality
  7. CHOOSE YOUR FOCUS – start small and build
  8. TRUST IN THE PROCESS – assemble the right actions in the right order
  9. BE THE CHANGE – embody what you stand for daily
  10. BE KIND – to yourself, and even kinder to strangers


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