The Burnout Checklist

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a checklist to help you figure it out?

Well guess what, there is !!!

Here’s a short list of questions I want you to answer:

  •  Are you bad tempered or irritable?
  • Are you not wanting to see people?
  • Are  you not able to deal with normal life admin?  Think of the opening post…
  • Are you easily exhausted?
  • Are you giving up on your exercise routine?
  • Are you experiencing a change in sleeping patterns?  This could be more than usual or less than usual.
  • Are you experiencing a change in your eating habits? Again more or less

The more questions you answer yes to the more likely you are heading down the exhaustion funnel towards burnout.

Bear in mind that we will all answer yes to some of these questions – what you need to pay attention to is the consistency of them over a period of time.

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