Unlocking Potential with Richard Gerver

This episode taps into the mind and mantras of a big name in education, public speaking and corporate advisory work.

Richard Gerver is a mentor, author, TED talker and educator.

Over the past two decades Richard has taken his frontline experience as a headmaster and distilled it into a lifelong quest to understand and define leadership – its nature and how potential can be unleashed and channelled to change people, purpose and performance.

Richard’s expertise and insights have been in demand for decades, working with Deloitte, Visa, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley and Telefonica as well professional footballer and cricketers.

In his interview for Conscious Working, he explains on how he turned the failing Grange School into a world-renowned UNESCO success story and as a steppingstone to advising the c-suite.

That experience of unlocking potential in the classroom then migrated to the boardroom where he has helped senior leaders define visions and remain faithful to values.

Richard also touches on how we can best emerge from the Pandemic and recognise that the world of work has changed forever and with it the need to understand new lessons and learnings to exploit the biggest social change in a century.

These will fuel innovation and change if we can only embrace new settings, fearlessly.

He argues that great leadership is first and foremost about serving the needs of the people who work for you. And that systems and structures change nothing; people do.

You’ll hear how best to harness your own potential, that of your teams and the need for wellbeing as a key component to leverage the best people can offer.
As ever, it’s peppered with anecdotes that span worker experiments at Google to couch trips for Olympians.
Never one to shy away from honest discourse, Richard is also frank about his own lockdown far from being trouble free, with dark days of doubt – just like the rest of us.

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