Slow Sunday and Yin Yoga

Sundays should be meant for some slowness.

A few years ago I decided to try a Yin yoga class, which is the complete antithesis to my power practice. It’s mostly seated postures and you hold them for 3 – 5 minutes, relaxing all your muscles.

I found the slowness uncomfortable, but I stuck with it and soon realized that the passive nature does wonders for my physical body.

Since then I’ve done 100 hours teacher training in Yin yoga and learned the enormous benefits it offers including:

Calms your nervous system
Helps you develop qualities of mindfulness
Promotes your flexibility
Decreases joint rigidity
Improves mobility
Prepares you for meditation


Yin is often connected to mindfulness so with every posture observe your breath, relax the tongue, unclench the jaw and release the pelvic floor. Think SOFT SOFT SOFT !!!

Dress comfortably – loose clothing is totally fine.
Be in space where you won’t be distracted.
Have a bolster, a couple of yoga blocks and a strap available.
If you don’t have the above, no problem at all! Great alternatives are pillows, books and a scarf or belt (be creative)

Savour your Sunday and savour your practice today (or whenever you get a chance to do it)!