Seasonal Tablescapes with Kuo-Fang Yang O’Connor

It’s that time of the year again and the to do list is getting longer.

But how many of us stop and think about just how much we consume at Christmas time?

Obviously, we can all make choices with presents but there are countless other ways we can make a difference and take those behaviours into the rest of the year.

In our Season: Sustainable month, we talk to Kuo-Fang Yang-O’Connor. Kuofi is a Creative Business Entrepreneur, Mentor and Advisor with over 20 years’ experience across the UK, Middle East, America and Asia in fashion and lifestyle.

In 2018, she founded Y + O Lux, designed to launch fashion start-ups and upcoming entrepreneurs. Working closely with founders and CEOs, she has a distinct skill for identifying emerging talent. Her clients include Paia Copehangen, Nicholas Kirkwood, Fabrizio Viti, Catherine Prevost, M Industry London, and Zanellato.

Additionally, Kuofi has built a practice around giving sustainable advice and guidance to clients who are keen to improve their footprint at work and home – but may not have the guidance they need.

In this interview, exclusive to Tribe members, Conscious Working talks to Kuofi across a range of ideas that mean, buying less and recycling more – across different styles, seasons – and never single-use!

Not only will your home be much more environmentally friendly but it’s also providing a licence to land ideas that lock in more sustainable practice across the year.

Kuofi talks tables settings for every season, mix and match and different by design with fruits and fabrics to transform your entertainment look.

Saving on costs and saving the environment, she also showcases simple wrapping techniques that re-use paper time and again whilst utilising ribbons and other recyclable items to dress up any present, any time.

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